Language policy and support


We are aware of the importance of linguistic preparation to ensure good performance in the internship.We are committed to improve the participants´ communicative skills to help them enter the labor market.

We offer a service Cuatrovientos Idiomas to guide students on their linguistic itinerary.We provide general and specific language courses based on the CEFR for languages and professional language competences.

Language level is an important key for the selection of participants as they are expected to show a minimum of B1.Once they are selected, they can take part in Erasmus training courses provided by our institution focused on the tasks students must perform.Once abroad they also combine language lessons with the work placement


Incoming students and staff will be offered possibilities to improve their language competences.Prior to arrival they will be enabled to access to Spanish language and culture resources.Once in our institution they will combine their activity with Spanish lessons in our institution.They will be asked to do a weekly report in Spanish so that the tutor in the institution can have a record of tasks and supervise their language improvement.Our institution will issue a language certificate.