Instituto Cuatrovientos S. Coop. is a prestigious and well-known Vocational Training Institution related to Trade and Marketing, Computing, and Accountancy and Finance Degrees. It provides Initial Vocational Training, Continuous Training to Employed and Unemployed people and Language Training for all. It depends on the Education Department of Navarra, and offers a High Quality Innovative Teaching System, according to the principles of the EFQM System, having been rewarded with the bronze and silver Q-Quality Stamp Award, with the Navarra Excellence Award and the 500+ European Stamp Award. The projects of the Lifelong Learning Program are controlled by the ISO 9001:2000 Certifications.

We are especially committed to developing the social, professional and personal skills of staff and students and concerned with the Internationalization and Modernization of Education to achieve better opportunities in the European labor market. For ten years now Instituto Cuatrovientos has been involved in International Projects to improve students and staff’s abilities through the Lifelong Learning Program: Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus, Comenius, and Grundtvig. Furthermore, main priorities of European Higher Education can be found in our Internationalization Project, the Pedagogical Innovation Work Team and the Employment Guidance Service which makes us have Cooperation Agreements with more than 500 organizations.

After the last Strategic Insight held in September 2012, we established the basis of our new Strategic Plan: we wanted to be a Pioneer Vocational Training Institution in Navarra. We set up our Internationalization Project, among others, with some Strategic Action Lines: 1) the Language Training of Staff, 2) The implementation of Teaching Technical Subjects in a Foreign Language. 3) The consolidation of our Equal Opportunities Policy, supported by the Reconcilia Project Award, rewarded by Gobierno de Navarra in favor of Disadvantaged Groups, 4) The total Awareness of the Necessity to create Networks of Higher Institutions and Organizations partners in Europe. 5) The Opening Up of our Institution to Europe according to the Strategic Objective No. 3 of integral training in the Institution.

In Strategic Lines 1and 2, we have adapted our Educative Model to the needs of our Groups of Interest: students, staff, families and enterprises. We have been training our staff in foreign languages to open the Institution to another dimension of teaching/learning. The enrichment of staff and students can be seen in the increasing number of workers able to teach or to assist people on the phone or by mail in a foreign language, and the students able to work in another country. All this is well defined in our Strategic Objective: The Integral Education.

The Institution is developing New Strategies of teaching/learning by sharing experiences with other organizations through creating Partnership Networks of Higher Institutions and Organizations in order to enrich and strengthen education and to comply with the Erasmus target of Training.

Firmly convinced of the need to carry out Innovative Strategies to include Disadvantaged Groups - young people with a handicap, different ethnic groups, young women, people with family responsibilities or part time jobs…, we started our second line of action: partners agree to develop strategies for the integration of those groups (positive discrimination, cross cutting projects…)

Increasingly conscious of how important cross border cooperation is for improving High Quality Education, we have created our Training Team Network in charge of different purposes. It is run by the International Project Coordinator and the Employment Guidance Service which increases the opportunities for a better socio labor insertion. They are in touch with different organizations in Europe to create Higher Institution Networks. We met some in the Framework of Preparatory Visits, others through staff training courses. All have contributed to outline the Learning Agreements which we signed to support our projects and vice versa with the main goals all are interested to achieve. We have partners in United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Germany. The objective of the Training Team Network is in the Project of Internationalization included in our Annual Plan and the Institution Educative Project.

The opening of the Institution to Europe is not a long term objective. The education is focused on its International Impact and this could enable a possible future cooperation in Europe for the DUAL Education. The development of European Education is a permanent challenge eager to create approaching ways of communication, education, and work. The Institutions have the responsibility to share educational goals, work interests and managerial training objectives.

Instituto Cuatrovientos S. Coop. belongs to those training organizations continually on the move, searching for those new paths of collaboration.